• IFIP Silver Core Award (12/2013)
  • Invited talk at "InspireD Training Workshop “ The future of Smart Cards” (13 December 2006, Paris, France).
  • In 09/2006, based on the quality of my work, the University of Limoges and the Limousin Region fund my research for a 2 years period.
  • Invited paper at "The 2006 High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPC&S) Conference" (Bonn, Germany) for:
    A High Level Security Framework for the Grid: the Java Card Grid Testbed. [PDF]
  • Best innovative technology at e-Smart 2005 (Nice, France) for:
    A Grid of Java Cards to Deal with Security Demanding Application Domains. [PDF]
  • Best paper of the "Computer and Systems Security session" at CCCT'03 (Orlando, FL, USA) for:
    Computing with Java Cards. [PDF]